What is a PCA?

Before we begin you and I will sit and discuss the process and the properties of color and their effect on their surroundings. We will cover your goals and some other basic information.

During your Personal Color Analysis you will sit comfortably in a chair while you and I are covered in neutral gray. We will then begin draping you with calibrated test drapes to determine your inherent color properties and most flattering ‘season’ of colors. You will watch the entire process in the mirror because ‘seeing is believing.’ You will see your skin glow and your eyes light up when the colors are just right for you.

After we determine your most flattering palette, makeup will be applied in your colors for women and men who would like this service. Next comes the “big reveal” where you see yourself in your best colors and makeup. If you would like photos, this is the time.

Beyond this you will be taught how to use your own personal swatch book of 64+ colors for both fabric and makeup and we will discuss more in-depth information, including hair color, fashion choices, and personal image.

How should I prepare for my PCA?

Please do not wear any makeup at all. This includes any CC/BB creams, tinted sunscreens or moisturizers, or any sunscreens, lotions, or creams with a thick white base that might reflect in the lighting. 

Please stop using self-tanner 2 weeks in advance and try to stay out of prolonged sunlight as well.

Please bring your own foundation and your favorite makeup items. If you are concerned about using my makeup brushes (cleaned and sanitized between every client) please bring your brushes too.

Please bring 5-10 items of clothing in various colors or patterns.

Please wear a neutral color like gray, white, off-white, or, navy. (While this is not strictly necessary as you will be covered for the draping, if you’re having makeup applied, this will help it look nice afterwards and avoid potential clashes.)

Please dress in / bring layers as my studio temperature can vary – but please avoid hoods.

How long will my appointment take?

For appointments including makeup application (most women) your appointment will be roughly 4-4.5 hours. For appointments without makeup applications (most men) your appointment will be roughly 3-3.5 hours.

Can I bring a friend or family member?

Absolutely! This is an interactive process and having a friend or family member along for support is encouraged.

Can I bring my child?

My studio is not particularly child friendly, depending on their age. Keep in mind you and I will be actively engaged for up to 4.5 hours. Please contact me ahead of time if arrangements cannot be made for child care.

Can I take photographs?

Sure. Many people like to take photographs during the “big reveal” portion of the PCA. If you’re going to text them or post them on social media, please wait until after the appointment. Video and audio recording is not authorized. Any photographs taken by me will not be displayed on this website or social media without express permission.

What if I’m unsure about my season or I second guess it later?

If I did your analysis and you think I made a mistake please let me know and I will do the whole thing again, as thoroughly as possible, free of charge.

Still not sure if Personal Color Analysis is right for you? Contact me for a free consultation.