Before & After Gallery

My lovely clients who have consented to having their photos on my site. Beginning with yours truly.

Yours Truly (True Winter)

This beautiful Dark Winter daughter of a coworker:

The beautiful Alexandra (Dark Winter)

Her stunning mother, Kimberly:

True Summer

The beautiful Soft Summer Stephanie, originally draped by Sarah Schuhmacher at Color With a Purpose:

Lovely Stephanie (Soft Summer)

My gorgeous Dark Winter mother:

Happy Mother’s Day! (Dark Winter)

This handsome devil:

Bob (Soft Summer)

The gorgeous Victoria, my talented Deva stylist at Hair by Victoria in Albuquerque:

Victoria (Dark Winter)

These extremely helpful coworkers:

True Winter
True Summer

My amazing Dark Winter friend:

Cailly (Dark Winter)

Another beautiful Soft Summer:

Meghan (Soft Summer)

My gorgeous client Mary:

Bright Winter

This charismatic Light Summer:

Cheryl (Light Summer)