About Me

Do you ever feel like there’s a disconnect between how you look and who you are?

I did.

The person I was projecting and the person you met when you saw me weren’t the person I was.

I was stuck in this surreal loop where I woke up every morning and reached into my closet only to pull out someone else’s clothes and put them on. Day after day, while acquaintances and coworkers treated me like this person whose clothes I was wearing and I became more and more frustrated that no one could see me. They couldn’t even hear me.


I was invisible.

The more I tried to find myself, the more lost I became until even I didn’t recognize myself anymore. I just wore the uniform society prescribed for me and pretended not to care that it felt like a costume.

Because really, they’re just clothes, why should I care? I’m not that shallow.

But here’s the reality of it: feeling disenchanted by society’s attempt to dictate what you can and cannot wear based on the ill-conceived notion that there is something wrong with you and it needs to be fixed so you can be worthy is not shallow.

There was nothing wrong with me and I was hiding in this stylish wardrobe designed to fix me.

People react to the way you portray yourself. So why portray yourself as anyone other than who you truly are ?

I wouldn’t. Not anymore.